Web SSO for Chrome with Workspace ONE


  • Workspace ONE Identity Manager
  • Workspace ONE UEM Console
  • A Certificate Authority configured within Workspace ONE UEM to issue user certificates

macOS – Chrome

To enable the selection of the User certificate within Chrome, we need to configure the AutoSelectCertificateForUrls policy. This can be achieved with the below Custom XML.

Points to change:

  • pattern: the CAS URL for your Identity Manager tenant. In this example, its https://cas.vidmpreview.com/
  • filter: The ISSUER: should be the Issuer name of your CA. Something like “Company Issuing CA“.

Leave everything else default.

            <string>Google Chrome Settings</string>

Extra! Windows 10 – Chrome

Details provided by the Legendary Charlie Hodge EUCSE Bloghttps://blog.eucse.com/windows-10-true-sso-using-chrome/ 

Further Resources

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​Chrome troubleshooting: chrome://policy

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2 Replies to “Web SSO for Chrome with Workspace ONE”

    1. Hi Ben. They way this works is whenever a service is integrated with Workspace ONE Access as its IDP or 3rd party IDP, for SSO it will go to a certificate server (the cas url). If we then present the certificate to the CAS url automatically it will sign you in seamlessly.

      This would work if you have a service which uses a certificate to authenticate thats installed on your devices, you can just put yourdomain.com in and it will work.

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