Intel NUC from 32 to 64GB RAM!

Since the start of the the year I’ve been mulling over what upgrades to my Home Lab are in order. I’m doing a lot more VMware Horizon learning/testing and I’m prepping to take VCP-DCV, so I needed some capacity to make some cool things happen.

I was planning on buying a new NUC to get some extra capacity, but I decided to invest in a RAM upgrade instead. Considerably less cost outlay, less extra initial power consumption and theres a good possibly this extra headroom will be enough.

I’m going to do another post on my home lab setup, but for today I went successfully from 32 to 64GB RAM in my NUC7I7DNHE primary node.

I used 2x Samsung 32GB DDR4 SODIMM 2666MHz from Scan, upgrading from 2x Crucial 16GB DDR4-2400 (CT16G4SFD824A) that were in the NUC when I bought it from eBay.

I’ll be saving the spare 32GB RAM for when I eventually go for another NUC, or if I find the expanded capacity on this node is enough I’ll sell it on.

Thanks to William Lam for everything he does! Check out for more details.

ESXi and the NUC BIOS reported these correctly on first boot, no issues whatsoever.

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