Intel NUC7i7DNHE Fan Noise

I was lucky enough to find a good deal on eBay for a good NUC to help build out my Home Lab. As an EUC/VMware Mobility Specialist I’m not looking to run any massive vSphere/vSAN deployments, just a nice box to run the usual suspects (AD, ADCS, Unified Access Gateway) to give me everything I need.

Unfortunately, I started running my setup during what should be known as the end of times in the UK (June/July 2018) where temperatures hardly dropped below 27 during the day. This meant keeping my kit cool was difficult so I put it down a a bit more ambient heat than usual. When I started getting some major fan noise due to an issue with Azure AD Connect services taking more CPU, I decided to try and change some settings to resolve it.

A quick Google Search came up with quite a few others seeing the same thing. had a lot of discussion and had some great tips.

The below settings were where I started:

This had a massive impact on fan noise nearly instantly. However, what I did note is that as soon as I fired up a browser on Windows Server (so a bit of CPU was being used, still under 20%), the Fan shot up again.

  • Try changing the Primary Temp Sensor from Processor to PCH. PCH stands for Platform Control Hub, and the temperature reading is more of a wider chipset temp reading vs. the processor itself.

This helped out a lot. After a few months of running the NUC the fan noise is very minimal.

Next Steps:

  • Add better thermal paste to the CPU.

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